About Oktoberfest

The original in the region

Modesty was announced when in 1990 BUNGERT invited for the first time to an Oktoberfest in Wittlich.

A small marquee on the BUNGERT parking lot, mood music, Oktoberfest beer and Bavarian food were offered. And the Wittlich came in droves. The BUNGERT Oktoberfest became a hit in the region in the very first year.


Many years have passed. Since then, autumn in Wittlich has been one of the biggest Oktoberfest festivals outside of Bavaria. For over 30 years O’zapft is! in Wittlich. The tent became more and more spacious and comfortable, our squad of artists getting bigger and the party ever more crowded.

Meanwhile, the BUNGERT Oktoberfest in Wittlich stretches over six weekends and inspires thousands of guests – every year!

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BUNGERT Oktoberfest